Bee Medicine

This time of the year I will be stopped in my tracks because of beauty in nature. I often find myself with some sort of camera in hand to be ready for the next thing that speaks to me.

This morning I came across this Bumble Bee. Dead. I really do not like bees, wasps, or hornets of any kind. Today, I decided to take a moment.

I noticed how fluffy it is. How the yellow is the most beautiful yellow ever. How the wings are a smoky brown with gold.

Bee medicine. There is such a thing. Dead Bee medicine hits home for me. Before coming across this bee I was thinking about work. I should go back to the office and clean up my desk from yesterday. I have things to complete at work still and I was truly making a plan to go in for one hour on my day off to do this.

Bees are busy workers. Although they are super focused they know how to get shit done. The work never stops for them. They are lucky to work in beauty daily, but also are exposed to shitty things too. Including humans.

Dead bee medicine asks “Am I working too hard?”  “Am I over extending myself and missing some of life’s little joys?”

The answer is Yes.

If I were to listen to what the bee is telling me I wonder how my day will go.

Enjoy your Sunday!

– Lisa


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My name is Lisa, I am an Intuitive who reads tarot in a holistic and empathic way. I have many interests that include nature photography (I believe nature speaks to us and I’m always excited to share that in photographs), psychology, crystals, astrology and enjoying daily life with a little bit of magic. I respect all spiritual paths. I enjoy being creative, making jewelry, thinking outside the box, creating self-care rituals, being intuitive, and baking one hell of a bundt cake! Seriously, it is delicious! Quite honestly, I have so many interests yet so little time! Story of our lives right?! I am an INFJ and Taurus with Libra rising. I work a full-time and I read tarot on the side. I am a mother, I am blessed.

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