Autumn Equinox Tarot Readings

I love Autumn. It is my favorite time of the year.  It feels like my new year, it’s crisp and fresh, the leaves changing, and the cycles of life and death. I am drawn to the colors, the feeling, the comfort, and the togetherness that seems to happen along with the alone time. Today I decided to pull my own cards for this season. Here is what comes up…

I used a vintage Motherpeace mini round tarot deck.


  1. What to be grateful for?  = Priestess of Cups – Motherpeace Meaning: Living Inside the dream world. Creative movement. Traditional meaning of what to be grateful for: Emotional Security. A Loving Mother. A Healer. Strong Intuition and connection to others. Following my heart. Expressing creativity and imagination. Reading books! Good Music! Expressing Love.
  2. How to stay grounded? = Temperance – Motherpeace Meaning: When death is no longer feared, body and soul can integrate with one another, creating balance and a centered self in the midst of moving energies. Consciousness dances in celebration of itself. (BEAUTIFUL!) Traditional Meaning for how to stay grounded with this card: Moderation in action, thought, or feeling. Moderation in the indulgent of food, sex or alcoholic drinks. Stay Patient and Purposeful. Find the middle path to accommodate all perspectives. Blending and Alchemy. Be at Peace.
  3. What to harvest?  = SunMotherpeace meaning: When fog clears and consciousness awakens, happiness rises as inevitably as the Sun.  The spirit is refreshed, life makes sense, and the personality experiences a warm, open-eyed awareness of it’s purpose in the world. (Can you see why I love this deck!? So lovely!) Traditional Meaning for what to harvest = Positive outlook. Happiness. Vitality. Warmth. Celebrate Abundance. Solar Plexus Chakra. Good Health. Physical Energy.
  4. What to stock up on? – 3 of DiscsMotherpeace meaning: Group Projects, Finding your life’s work, Spiritual work. Traditional Meaning for what to stock up on: Collaboration. Learning something new. Fulfillment. Teamwork. Manifest Creativity. Not fearing Failure. Encouragement. Completion of first stage of goal. Feedback and Reviews. Time Management.
  5. How to create warmth? – Daughter of Wands. Motherpeace meaning: Rushing to new things with the wisdom of the past. Traditional meaning for how to create warmth: Explore, Discovery, Be open, Enthusiasm, embody a free spirit. Adventure. Inspired Change. Follow creative vision. Be positive and spontaneous. Welcome surprises. Change and Creation.
  6. How to keep working? – EmperorMotherpeace meaning: Using intellect to accomplish goals, Represents the dangers of unrestrained power. Traditional Meaning for How to keep working: Adopting a father figure role regardless of being male or female. Protecting and Supporting family and loved ones. Have a clear vision. Create stability, structure, and routine. Stick to a plan and see it through to the end.
  7. How to find Joy? – Priestess of SwordsMotherpeace meaning: Sending out prayers and plans, Strong Sight. Traditional meaning for How to find joy? Be independent, a quick thinker, and organized. Pay attention to the little things. Follow your heart (as priestess of cups mentioned) but think with my head also. Balance the two. Tell it like it is, Be honest and perceptive. Don’t forget to laugh and find things that are funny. Independence. Fairness. Witty. Trust your gut and also honor your past.

If you are interested in getting your own Autumn Equinox reading in the next week by email please order below.  I will be doing these starting today, September 22nd – September 29th for $20. You will receive a photo of your cards, the reading, as well as self care ideas for the season based off your cards.  It will be longer than this post and well worth over $20!  Fill out the form below, hit submit, and pay the $20 at the link below.

Autumn Reading




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