Self Care Ideas 3/31/19 -4/06/19


Five of Swords + Release/Let Go

Last week it was a week of being self-aware. This week is a continuation of last week. We are in a strong cycle of re-evaluating our relationship to ourselves. On/or around Friday we have a New moon in Aries which is usually a good time to start our new projects or goals.  However, there is a bit of a block with going forward with our new beginnings or new goals. Our communication is still a bit wonky this week and therefore it’s really important to know where you stand with your beliefs, values, and passions. Five of Swords comes in with some energy this week reminding us of a few things. Five of Swords is our own self interest, However, what we do to others and the world we also do to ourselves. Keep that in mind as you journey through this week. Know that communicating your thoughts may be difficult, but always root yourself in kindness and truth. Especially for yourself and extend outwards to your core groups and the world. Feel the energy before communicating and also, communicate your truth. Listen to others deeply who are also communicating their truths. Some may have an easier time than others with this. Communication may be confusing, vague, or unclear. You may not get all the information you need to make clear defining decisions this week. So, the medicine is maybe to release the idea of right and wrong currently. Be willing to be both. You will find that emotionally something may come up that will bring up some very strong feelings. These are not good or bad, but really pay attention to how you’re sharing these feelings.  If you notice you are getting really heated about a topic, step back for a moment, take a breath, and honor your truth. Know that others may not be able to be on the same page. Seek grace and kindness, mostly to yourself and let it extend to others when you’re ready to. There may feel like some hidden agendas are coming up as each of us feel strongly about our own self interests, Yet make sure any self interest you have won’t harm another. We are truly on a mission to heal and cleanse now, Starting this with ourselves will help the collective. Notice this week what needs to be cleared, healed, and cleansed and take actions on those areas of your life. If you encounter selfishness in others, Take that moment to focus on yourself. There is also a strong sense of finding those who can relate to our struggles, find a sense of community or someone with common goals who you can connect to this week. Someone you trust. You may notice a passionate conversation bringing up a sense of fearlessness, Put that energy into action. Volunteer, Give money to a cause, learn more about a topic, and dive in to ways to take action. Purposeful actions and activities this week would be beneficial. Know your intentions and honor them with kindness and let go of what is not working for the moment.

Self-Care ideas for this week could include any of the following: 


  •  Do not allow your emotions to push you to any quick decision. Take your time this week with decisions and actions.
  • Ground yourself into kindness and honesty
  • Any extremely strong emotions, sit with them before making decisions on them. If you are having a hard time see your therapist or a professional to help you through these emotions.


  • Take your time on a decision or action, especially if it comes up as something new to you.
  • It’s a really good week to learn more about something you notice you’re passionate about this week. A conversation may stir up an emotion to a topic. Dive into that topic.
  • Really think before speaking. It is true, is it helpful, is it a value or belief? If so, speak with kindness and know where you stand. Know what your intention is before speaking. If it’s to harm another, do not say it.


  • Trust your body, Pay attention your energy. If you’re tired sleep, if you have too much energy dance it out.
  • Mix between a tough workout and a gentle workout
  • Move your body when it’s full of emotions. Dance it out, stretch, yoga, play with your children, go running.
  • Be self aware of what your body is asking you.  If you’re hungry, eat. If you’re tired, sleep. If you need to be active, be active.


  • Do not feel obligated to say yes to anything you do not want to.
  • Be aware of hidden agendas
  • When conversations become passionate, take a moment to step back and ask for time if you are unsure of how to speak what you wish to share.
  • Share only what you feel needs to be shared, Know that others are also on their own journey of self awareness, healing and clearing.


  • Pay attention to any hidden spaces in your home, remind yourself what’s there and clean it up if you need to.
  • Surround yourself with books and learning tools, Jump on board with things you’ve been wanting to learn about.
  • Visit a library, book store, a school, or even a class you’ve been thinking of taking.
  • Clean your bedroom and give yourself a peaceful place to rest.


  • It’s probably not a good week to loan out money or ask for a loan.
  • Figure out a way to get your finances in order. Independence for you and your family is the goal here.
  • If you haven’t competed your taxes, this would be a good week to do so.
  • Conversations about finances could get heated, know your key concerns and wait out any decisions if possible.
  • Do not overspend this week


  • What does kindness to yourself and others mean to you?
  • Connect with community of others who share the same or similar beliefs as you
  • Take a long walk in nature to connect
  • Honor your body with ritual and routine
  • Read books this week that connect you to your own ideas of spirituality

Have a good week – Lisa

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