Self Care Ideas 4/7/19-4/13/19


Temperance + Canary Spirit

Sing Your Own Song.


Aries New moon may have brought a feeling of being ready to expand. Mercury went direct a bit ago, although still in shadow, this may be the first week that we finally have some clarity. This week you may notice that it’s a busy week and also it’s a week of really taking care of ourselves with this new energy. You may not be ready to make any spontaneous decisions yet, however, you are almost there. This is a great week to notice where you are getting swept away with your dreams, your emotions, and your love life. It is not a good week for addictions, obsessions, or overdoing anything. Midweek, you may notice that you are feeling more balanced and be able to enjoy where things feel like they are going for you. You may notice that some things in your life will feel magnified, Pay attention to those areas this week and know where you are over extending your energy, time, finances, or love. If you can wait on a big project or asking for something, wait until next week.  Get your plans in order this week and stay focused on them, Lay the groundwork and stay grounded. Your intuition may feel heightened recently and this will be the fuel for your creativity and goals. Canary Spirit comes with a message that you will have a chance this week to listen to your authentic voice and express matters of your heart. This week is a good week to share with others the love you have for yourself, others, and anything that brings joy to your life. You are free to be yourself and express your most cherished desires. Reminder of the Canary Spirit is you will create a cage around your life when you express only what you think will help you fit in. It’s not a week of needing to fitting in, it’s a week of letting your cage open and start this new flight.


Self-Care ideas for this week could include any of the following: 


  •  Do not allow your emotions to push you back to an addiction.
  • Notice what you have clarity on and notice where you are still dreaming
  • What are you feeling swept away about this week?  Balance it in a healthy way yet, still honor the creativity that comes through.
  • Practice ways to ground your emotions. You may find some moments this week where you will really be able to do that.


  • Share your passions and joys
  • Lay the ground work to take off on a goal next week.
  • Read a book that brings you joy
  • Sign up for that class that starts soon that you’ve been interested in
  • Work on skills that increase your memory, repeat.


  • Forward Movement
  • Workouts that focus on your arms and legs
  • Don’t avoid that Dr appointment, if you have something going on, start finding ways to help yourself through it or get medical attention.
  • Drink lots of water, a cup of coffee instead of 5, and avoid alcohol or drugs if possible.
  • Do not over do anything physically
  • Get sleep!


  • Connect with someone who enjoys the same things as you do and share your joys and passions.
  • Do not over do it with parties this week
  • Mindful Yes, Mindful No.
  • Be creative with others, Collaborate on something creatively


  • If you have the chance to, open the windows of your home.
  • Spend time in spaces that have a lot of windows or open doors
  • Any area of your home that feels closed in, brighten it up, or get rid of clutter from that space.
  • Take the long way to work
  • Take the scenic route


  • Avoid shopping for the sake of shopping, Stay grounded financially
  • Be careful not to have a night of excessive spending while out on the town
  • No you can not pay for your friends drinks, Just kidding, Pay for one.
  • Pay a bit more on a bill than you would have, even if it’s just $5 extra
  • Know what it will take financially to be successful with a goal.


  • Spend time in wide open spaces and nature
  • Listen to nature
  • Listen to your intuition, document it.
  • Notice where you feel the most connected this week, enjoy that feeling
  • Be open to new experiences
  • Notice what is good in yourself and others this week

Have a good week – Lisa

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