Self Care Ideas 4/28/19 – 5/4/19


The Devil RX + Page of Pentacles

Breaking the Chains and Making Our Plans Real.

This week is a really good week to be patient with yourself as you plan and take action on your intended goal. It may feel like you want to move quickly with action, but it’s really important to look at the small details. You may notice some unexpected delays as you start to move forward.  Shake it off, look at the details, rework the plan and move forward. You are able to make these plans real, however, clarity is important. Know why, how, who and what of your goal. Ground yourself into making decisions that take ownership of your own life. Pay attention to your insecurities and use your fear, resistance, and challenges to transform an area of your life for the better. It’s a big week to make decisions that help create peace and stability. Your intentions with self and others should come from a place of love and honesty. If it is not, you will find yourself in challenges with self and others that will make something harder to navigate. Ultimately this week, you will notice areas that remind you that you are responsible for your own happiness and you want will want to act on those situations and limitations. Practice restraint in sharing to much about self with others mid week. Your conversations with self and others should be encouraging and empowering as you go through the week.  You may have some hard conversations and the solution:  the more you know yourself and come from a pure place, the easier these conversations will be.


Self-Care ideas for this week could include any of the following: 


  • Practice detachment
  • Do things that help raise your confidence
  • Notice where you have fear and what you can do to overcome it
  • Be independent, Detach yourself from outcomes once a decision is made


  • Release Limiting Beliefs
  • Take a realistic approach to a goal
  • Do something to enrich your mind. Take a class, learn something new.


  • Find a way to over come a physical limitation
  • Do not over indulge in anything. Make a plan to break an addiction.
  • Get creative with your daily routine


  • Release the chains of  toxic relationships
  • Ask for help and accept support from others you trust
  • Keep your word this week &  stick to commitments to yourself and others.


  • Remove items in home that limit your space.
  • Enjoy nature
  • Mold your physical surroundings to fit who you are and who you are becoming.
  • Remove anything that makes you feel stuck. (Old letters, items that are not yours in your home taking up space.)
  • Notice the beauty around you


  • Focus on paying off debt
  • Seek abundance in financial security instead of abundance of material things
  • Work with what you have, Buy only what you truly need. Think through any purchase.
  • Do not take any financial risks


  • Practice grounding into mindfulness, being in the present moment. Practicing mindfulness is not positive thinking.  It’s practicing with all states of mind.. good, bad, and neutral.
  • Notice where you feel intuition in your body
  • Let go of any limiting or old spiritual beliefs that no longer fit your current thoughts
  • Have an open mind to your new interests with spirituality.
  • Talk with someone who has different beliefs than you, be open to hear them.
  • If you’ve had interest in shadow work, tarot, astrology, etc now would be a good time to dive in. Take that class, read that book, dive into learning more.

Have a good week – Lisa

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