Self Care Ideas 05/05/19 – 05/11/19


Abundance ~ Sacred Space ~ Ascension

Embodied Taurus Energy


Are you feeling that Taurus energy? Every choice you make matters. This week allow your inner knowing to navigate. What do we value and how are we showing up for those values this week? What are you choosing your mindset to be?  One of Abundance or one of scarcity? Abundance comes to us and asks us to look at the abundance in our lives, where are we able to reflect gratitude and where is it a struggle for us still? What are the details we are focusing on?  This week is a really good week to focus in on some of the positives.  There is a lot going on in our lives lately and some things may be happening quickly.  In all the new that is showing up for us – are we in a place of appreciation and can we actively get there in some area of our life even with some struggles.  It’s ok to feel grief and joy in the same day, and we may have that this week. You don’t have to choose one or the other, you can feel it all. Abundance is not just material, however, in finances this week the continued theme of foundation and stability are here. Think out spending before you spend.  Sacred Space comes to us and ask us to look at things from a curious mind and open yourself to universe, spirit, the divine, or god.  Pay attention to the synchronicity happening in your life and the intuitive inner knowing you feel lately. See the magic in this regardless of your beliefs. Sacred space is also asking us to put ourselves in places we find sacred.  Nature, our own homes, a religious place, a historical place, a place that brings you peace and joy. A place you can be quietly connected to something greater than yourself. Ascension comes to us and reminds us that sometimes change does not wait for us to decide. Sometimes it comes on quickly, painfully or joyfully.  What is not aligned with us will now start to fall away. It’s really important during this time to make decisions with intention. It’s important to follow those new passions or old passions that have started to show up again.  If you feel excited about something lean into it without fear. You may notice with this rising of self that you feel a bit more tired, your intuition or spiritual awareness is enhanced.  You may notice intolerance of vibes, foods, music, and people you once enjoyed. You’re outgrowing some things and that’s ok.  Do not talk badly to yourself for changing or wanting to change. Do not talk badly about yourself for something quickly leaving your life.  You’re evolving as these changes are happening, you will gain a new connection to the unknown and also a new perspective.

This week I am not giving you a list of ideas, it’s your chance to make your own rules with your own ideas.  You got this.

Self Care Sheet


Enjoy your week! – Lisa

Cards used: The Magic and Medium Oracle by Anielle Reid

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