Self Care – Week of 5/20/19 – 5/25/19


Spear Eight (Eight of Wands) and Guinevere (The Empress)

This is a good week to ask yourself ” What is urgent?” And “What needs to be nurtured?” It’s a really good week to communicate needs to yourself, others, and the universe. Create the intention of any plans you make are nurturing your growth, your body, your emotional state, and your relationships. Allow others to also communicate their needs, nurture what you can. Last week was really rough on all of us in one way or another. This week will feel more like a breath of fresh air because now you know what you need to do to evolve and move forward. Last week was more emotional, this week you will easily be able to use your intellect and communicate your feelings in a more clear way. This is a great week to find gentleness and beauty. Share your words, your stories that need to be voiced. Share your wants and needs with those close to you. Listen to others as they communicate to you. Pay attention and you may find synchronicity.

This week I’m gonna give one intention word for each theme to help you find an area of self care for the week.


  • Honor


  • Rise


  • Graceful


  • Communication


  • Beauty


  • Growth


  • Healing


Have a great week!  – Lisa

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