Self Care Tarot 6/02/19 -6/08/19


Two of Wands + I am Secure + I am Intention

This week is a good week to look inward. Decisions that you might need to make will need to be thought out and it’s good to practice patience on these decisions. It’s important to look at all the details before moving forward in something. Discovery may be the theme of the week and that discovery may not come until the end of the week and into next week.  Be mindful of any illusions. You may want to take some risks, yet you should know that information that comes in the beginning of the week might change by the end of the week. So, make sure that whatever decisions you make this week are based off security and intention. Words continue to be powerful this week, communication may be a bit off  –  your inner thoughts written out will help you navigate.  Your words will also help you manifest for this month, So be careful what you ask for out loud or write out. It’s a good time to journal and write from your inner thoughts, but use it as a map to navigate at the end of the week. Values are important this week. Know what really matters to you physically, emotionally, energetically, spiritually and move towards that. Move beyond the superficial.  Healthy expression is important this week, please practice the expression of self love above all. Notice your fears, where you feel unworthy and know deep you are worthy of love, especially your own love.  Commit to truth and beyond any negative messages you give yourself daily.  Acceptance of self is really important for the months to come, deep healing is taking place.  What would happen if you accepted yourself as you are? Would this free up some energy for you to go the path that you haven’t taken before with less fear? What gift could you give yourself if you reminded yourself you are perfect just the way you are, right now?

This week, Take a moment to meditate and write out thoughts. You do not need to act on these thoughts right now.  Here is a ritual to help you in touch with your souls path.


A comfortable, quiet place.  Something from nature (A flower, leaf, blades of grass). Rose quartz stone. A pen, markers, or chalk.  Paper, sidewalk, or anything to create or write on. 

Sit in a comfortable position. Take a deep breath. Exhale. Take a deep breath. Exhale.

Touch something from nature. Ask it to help guide you. Ask it to ground your thoughts. Ask it to help bring clarity for your path. Breath again.

Sit quietly for 2 minutes, hold the rose quartz gently in your left hand. if you’d like, touch the ground with your right hand.  Listen to the world around you. Let your senses check into your surroundings. Let it pass through you. Set the stone down.

Take your writing or art materials and start writing. Write words, spread colors, draw and use it to calm yourself and connect. Spend as much time as you feel you need to around this.

When you’re done take two deep breaths. Set down any tools you were using to create or write. Keep your paper, art, or take a photo of your creation. Take two deep breaths and thank nature, universe, god, spirit for it’s help however you feel appropriate.

Journal this week or continue to check in with creating art.

At the end of the week revisit what you created through the week. Any journaling you’ve done, any art you made take a look at and pay attention to any messages you get from them. As yourself, is there anything here that reminds me of or gives me focus for the next month.


My hope that the ultimate path to self love will show itself in a way that may not have been clear before.



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