Self Care Tarot 6/9/19 – 6/15/19


Two of Pentacles + Ten of Pentacles + Temperance

Healthy Detachment


This week is a good week to practice a healthy detachment from an outcome. We are still in an energy of finding ways to ground ourselves, financially, spiritually, emotionally, and physically. The two of pentacles and temperance are asking us finding a balance with all the energy surrounding us this week and into next week.  The more grounded you feel, the more clarity you will gain. The two of pentacles is asking us to continue practicing patience in some area of our life. We may not find any answers just trying to run from or abandon something.  We are in a place of not wanting to continue the life lessons circle that keeps coming around.  We are ready to move forward and let go of detachments. In some area of your life something will press buttons this week. This is a good place to practice healthy detachment with love. Until we know the truth of something and how we actually feel about it, it’s hard to make a decision or find clarity. The cards are not asking you to avoid or abandon any*decision.  You’ll know where these cards show up when it happens. Listen to your heart and your head. You have all the time you need to work something out, don’t allow your circumstances get the best of you. It’s better to stay calm while you stay open to more information that will come to you. Ten of pentacles is asking you to think long-term, it’s also asking to focus on finances where family is concerned.  What are your long-term goals and what small things can you do now to feel abundant?  Ten of Pentacles is asking you to know that the changes you find uncomfortable you will overcome with long-term planning and working towards a truly lasting solution. So, take a moment and ground yourself into your long-term ideas.  Write them out and start to look at solutions that may get you where you wish to be. If you feel stuck in something, practice healthy tried and true ways. Temperance is asking you to go about your business with intention. Temperance is the calmness in the eye of a storm.  A moment of calm, quiet composure when things feel chaotic.  Moderation and self- restraint will be your friend this week. Hold it’s hand and ground yourself to earth knowing there is hope being created with the change during this uncomfortable period. Ultimately, the three of these cards are a reminder we have it in us to find our own meaning of abundance and security through careful consideration and intention for our long-term well-being. We can not ignore the dark while reaching for the light. It’s important to soften and find grace in both. Create a healthy foundation to embrace both.

Questions to ask yourself this week to help you move gently through this energy –

  • What makes you feel ambivalent?
  • What have you inherited?
  • How are you enriched?
  • How do you balance the opposites you encounter?
  • What adjustments are necessary?
  • What makes you feel abundant?
  • Who are you close to in your family?
  • How can you find ways to give and receive support from those family members?
  • Is there a truth you’ve been denying yourself?
  • What do you feel you do not have enough information on to move forward?
  • What makes you feel balanced and grounded?
  • What are your long-term ideas or goals?
  • Are these ideas or goals creating a healthy foundation for your future?

Have a good week!



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