Self Care Tarot 06/16/2019 – 06/22/2019


Seven of Cups + Strength + Ace of Cups

Lacking focus and commitment + Feeling the need to resolve situations = Forced to get in tune with yourself.

This week we are getting a huge emotional charge of energy that we might not be sure what to do with.  It may cause some of us to be impulsive, filled with passion, obsessive, and feel like we are being pulled in many directions. Seven of Cups shows up with this energy. So many different situations going on, we are bombarded with choices and not sure where to ground ourselves with this energy. We can’t be productive in a chaotic environment. Strength shows up and asks for the need to raise the energy you wish to raise and let go of the rest.  What you find valuable, focus on. The need for focus and grounding continues this week and may be something that will continue through the month of June. Where are your strengths in the present moment?  It’s time to really focus on those. Strength is asking us to move through and transform the energy to something useful – as what we do now will be with us into 2020.  Ace of Cups is the healing, the beginning, the start of something. It’s a moment of really getting in tune with yourself. This week the way to navigate this energy is to stay focused, avoid power struggles, use your emotional energy to express yourself in new ways – Healthier ways. Practice mindfulness, healthy detachment, and celebrate the now. Ground yourself into the present moment, knowing the lessons of the past, and not worrying about the future. This is a powerfully karmic week, patterns may be reviled and it’s a good time to opt for security when making decisions. The more grounded you can become, the more stabilizing the present moment will be, the more clearly you can plan for the future.  It’s a good week for moderation in most things, to take action on expressing yourself with something new… take that class, create something, learn new things. It’s an excellent time to seek out new areas and new activities that help provide fulfillment  If you are struggling this week with relationships, self, or personal situations it would be a good week to make a therapy appointment to help you move through and transform.  Our shadow selves may show up in some situations. This week is a good week to practice embracing and embodying that which we have a hard time accepting about ourselves. The goal is always to be whole, embodying and celebrating the shadow and the light of ourselves, find the middle ground and in doing so, stay grounded. I appreciate you all and I’m grateful you are here living this earthly experience with me. May the gifts you didn’t realize you had show up this week and please above all, celebrate yourself and all you’ve accomplished so far today, a year ago, many years ago. May you have a week of really breathing in the present moment and all it has to offer.




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