Self Care Tarot Week of 7/14/19 -7/20/19


The Devil + Eight of Swords

Thinking negatively + Needing guidance and clarity

The energy lately has been heavy and these cards certainly reflect that.  The last week and into this next week you may be coming up against feelings of feeling powerless, trapped, and restricted.  I know these are heavy words and feelings, But I want you to take a moment and think about where part of this might be an illusion. How are you keeping yourself in a pattern you wish so badly to get out of?  I’m not saying others actions are excused in any way, where can you heal the wound that keeps on being touched? This week will be a big week with wounds and karmic patterns.  How to navigate it will be tricky and even painful as you probably already feel. Being aware and awakened is not easy work. It’s complicated and it’s also necessary.  Have you ever tried to ignore something in hopes it will just go away? If you avoid this topic maybe it won’t ever be brought up again? Well, at some point it will be brought up.  It’s really been a time of facing the hard things and also changing the pattern we feel we are stuck in, restricted by, or powerless in. Sometimes these situations are created by others and sometimes we stay stuck in it with our own mind. Our minds may not always know how to cope with the traumas we’ve endured. We reach for the next drink, person, addiction or obsession. We create an illusion to help us cope. This week, the illusion is asking you to give it up, and love yourself like you haven’t before. This also means that hard choices and decisions may need to be made.  It could be something like speaking to yourself better. Treating yourself how you want to be treated.  It’s a start.  It’s a change. Some of us this may be a new thing we need to do and we are just learning.  Where has a wound caused an illusion? This is the place to start asking and questioning.  For self care this week, talk to yourself better.  Love yourself more. Question the feelings of fear and being stuck. This would be a good week to see a professional therapist. Someone who can help you navigate the hard things.  If you are unable to do that, ask a trusted friend if they have time to talk or spend time together. Please let this be someone who you know deep down always has your highest good in mind. Someone who can hold space for you and you can hold space for them. The good news is, by the end of this week you will feel the love and know with clarity what you’re starting to overcome.  You will get a nice deep breath in and have the energy to move forward. This week is a good week to find peace in love, to release with love, and to shower yourself/friends/family with love. I know how hard things have been for many of us and I am proud of you all for being so brave even when you don’t feel it yourself.



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