Self Care Tarot Week of 7/21/19-7/27/19


Knight of Pentacles + Two of Pentacles + The Fool

Take care of every detail, seeing the possibilities while heading into the unknown.


The Knight of Pentacles values the journey with patience.  This card is a reminder to be grounded this week, fully own responsibility for your life and your journey. Two of Pentacles checks in often. Are we carrying what is truly ours to carry?  If not, now is the time to let it go. Finding and keeping balance is a big theme this week.  If you are feeling unbalanced, it’s time to let go of a couple things.  Focus on one or two things that will help move you forward. Which brings us to The Fool.  The Fool enjoys the journey, they don’t wait for permission or for answers and they don’t dive to deep into the meaning of what is coming…. All they know is what is happening feels good. At the end of the week many of us will start to feel more like we are really living in the moment and enjoying what it has to offer us. You may be feeling like you trust what is showing up for you and are feeling more carefree about what you let go of. This will be a good time to listen to your intuition and see where it guides you. Financially speaking, Every small amount helps.  If you are paying down debt or trying to save, keep going with any amount you can reasonably afford.  It’s not a good week to take chances financially. This is not a good week to be obsessive in thought or actions, pay attention to the details and if you are feeling manipulated by something step back from making any decisions or cut it out. The beginning of the week may bring some communication issues and heavy feelings and this is why it’s important to take responsibility for yourself. Let go of what is not yours to carry and have patience. Create a new self care plan this week to navigate this energy starting today. Maybe make a plan to get more sleep this week, journal your feelings, or eat a really healthy dinner every night. Find ways to save money and let go of anything that you don’t need anymore.


Questions to ask yourself this week: 

  • What needs to be properly grounded?
  • What makes me feel ambivalent?
  • How does my intuition empower me?
  • Am I ready to accept something new in some area of my life?

Have a good week!  I’ll see you next Sunday!



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