Self Care Tarot Week of 7/28/19-8/3/19


Temperance + Princess of Wands Rx = Four of Cups

Avoiding excess and pausing big risks = renewal through self-reflection.


Have you felt like things have been moving fast in directions that are surprising lately? Or that you only get a few moments to breathe and then the next thing comes up? The energy has been highly transforming, especially for our inner selves, and this week seems to show there is not a moment to take that breath until the weekend or into the next week. Personally, I’m thankful for getting things done and being able to focus on one thing at a time, which I feel I’m forced to do. As if something beyond my own control is reminding me daily what is important and finding ways to fit those things in. This week may feel a bit intense. I know I’ve been saying that a lot, however, we still have some surprises showing up this week. My advice, always be honest with yourself. Stay grounded when things seem to be coming up out of no where. Temperance comes to us as a reminder, when things get hard avoid excess of anything. This includes avoiding alcohol, drugs, attaching to others who we know are bad for us as a form of coping or ignoring. It is a good time to step firmly into reality and find truth to move forward. Be honest with yourself and others this week. Emotional balance, you will find, has an important place this week.  Princess of Wands reversed is asking us to dull some of our fire.  You may feel highly motivated to take some sort of action. I’m not going to say this is good or bad. What I will say is pay attention and really reflect on the emotional energy it is bringing up.  If you are feeling super overwhelmed and just wanna burn everything down, this reversed princess of wands is saying now is not the time to dance with the fire. It’s not a good week to just go with anything that is uncomfortable and it’s also not a good week to rebel against it.  If you are emotionally balanced and feel secure, it is an excellent week for taking honest actions slowly and gracefully. The four of cups is a reminder that sometimes we need to take time for ourselves.  This week is a good week to really plan that alone time with things that will help you feel renewed and focused. This will help ground us into next week. Once grounded who knows what you will get clarity on and accomplish. Listening to our truth may be hard and it will also open us up to better things.  Now is the time to believe that. Trust your inner self and pay attention to any sudden realizations.  What is your heart asking of you? I’m sure it’s always asking even in hard times – Choose love. Choose love for yourself above all, let that love guide your decisions for healthier & happier you. Don’t be afraid to redefine what loving yourself means and gather the gifts that choosing the most loving choice for yourself will bring.

Peace and Love,


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