Self Care Tarot 09/29/19 – 10/05/2019


Ace of Pentacles + Seven of Pentacles


It’s my favorite time of the year!  I love fall and Halloween so I decided to pull out Zombie Tarot for this weeks self care message.

October is a great month to bring balance back to your life and this is a reminder do not forget those goals having to do with work, financial, or manifesting abundance. Especially this week. If you have been working on goals having to do with one of these themes already -Trust the path that you’ve chosen. Keep it up, the path may feel long but stay on it.. If you have not started on a goal, it’s a good time to move forward with your goal. It’s a great time to look at what makes you feel abundant and bring more of that into your life.  It could be your supportive relationships, it could be your career you love, it could be that you have a warm bed and a book to read.  It’s a time to put energy in the things that make you feel good and put less energy on what doesn’t make you feel well. We are making the first steps to make true lasting change we long for with being realistic about the present moment. Once we have our eyes open to what is, we can make choices that will help us move forward into more abundance.

This week is a good week to know where you are standing. The focus is present and any choices made should be with long term change. Take a moment to evaluate your goal, finances, relationships, self care in general, and career – how are you relating to all areas in your life? If something feels a bit off, take a moment to pause and check in. Check in and make sure you are still on the track you wish to be on.  Intuitively do you feel like you need to change course?  That’s ok, now is the time to do that if something feels off.

This is a good week to be supportive and find support. Ask for what you need, be honest with yourself.


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